With Kristen Bell, “Love is an Open Door!”

“For the first time in forever,” everything felt absolutely perfect as Kristen Bell called into Seacrest Studios at Children’s National Hospital. A very excited DJ Smiley Riley started off the visit with his own version of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” It was smiles all around from Kristen and Riley as they chatted all about Frozen and their favorite emojis! 

Kristen went to “The Good Place,” with DJ Sophie discussing their favorite moments from the beloved show! Including Kristen’s favorite scene where she talked about farts. 

Kristen was then put to the test when she had to answer some Disney Trivia with DJ Mona! Together they figured out even the most challenging questions like is Tinkerbelle a princess? At the end of their journey “Into the Unknown” they had a celebratory wave from Sammy the Sloth! All we know is our virtual visit was “nothing like (we’ve) ever known before,” because with Kristen Bell, “love is an open door!”