Xochitl Gomez Energizes Patients During Hospital Wide Superhero Week at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

BAM! POP! KAPOW! Patients and families at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital traveled to another multiverse, with a SUPER exciting visit from Xochitl Gomez, who portrays America Chavez in Marvel’s recent film, Doctor Stanger in the Multiverse of Madness.

Xochitl shared what it was like being on MCU set and how even though she was confident, she still had some nervous moments. She went to tell us, how it was with the support and silliness of her cast mates that she was able succeed during filming.

Patients at Seacrest Studios even got the inside scoop on how Xochitl’s character America, was able to fly so effortlessly AND how Doctor Strange creates his portals into the Multiverse. To top off such a powerful visit, Seacrest Studios friends were one of the first interviewers to wish Xochitl a happy early birthday! Such a fun visit that sent our patients soaring high into the remainder of superhero week– thanks Xochitl for getting us in the superhero spirit!