Zendaya Shakes Things Up at Seacrest Studios

Zendaya, a Disney Channel and Dancing with the Stars favorite, recently stopped by Seacrest Studios to visit with patients at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte! In town to sing the National Anthem at a Carolina Panthers football game, Zendaya told a crowded studio that she was not nervous that she might forget the words to the National Anthem. She also told patients she got to hang out with Panthers’ quarterback, Cam Newton (who has visited Seacrest Studios too!)

After playing a round of Shake It Up trivia, patients were thrilled to talk to, and sit next to, the star of the hit Disney show! Zendaya told fans that the end of Shake It Up was bittersweet. “Everyone in the cast – I consider them like family. We’re all really close and being on Shake It Up is kind of like school a little bit. We go to school, we have our routine, we see the same people every day, and now I guess you could say I’m like the senior who graduated and now am moving on. It’s bittersweet.”
“Zswaggers” were interested to hear about Zendaya’s stint on Dancing with the Stars (DWTS)! She told patients that the costumes on DWTS were custom made for every single performance. Another interesting fact Zendaya shared with us is that it drives her, and her “Zswaggers,” “crazy” when people mispronounce her name (which apparently happens quite a bit!)

One thing is for sure, we will “Replay” Zendaya’s visit over and over until she visits Seacrest Studios again!