A Life-Altering Experience

Blake | Seacrest Studio intern at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Kennesaw State ‘19

Talent Interviews:
Lil Nas X, The Chainsmokers, T.I.

"My time at Seacrest Studios has easily become the best part of my week. While my days start early in the morning as an assistant producer on a morning radio show, followed by me jetting across town to my post-grad internship at CNN, the hours I spend in between at Seacrest Studios are the times I cherish most.

We’re all searching for inspiration and joy when life gets crazy and chaotic, and interning at Seacrest Studios never fails to give me the perspective I need. I have had the great pleasure of interning at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for two years. Some of my favorite memories include playing Jeopardy, answering patient questions out of the fishbowl, watching celebrities meet some of their biggest fans, and most recently, seeing my good friend Dylan finally get a heart transplant after spending 372 days in the hospital.

When you score an internship like this, your first thoughts can be centered around the impact you hope to have on such a special place, but the one thing I didn't think to consider was how much of an impact this place would have on me. 

I’m sad knowing my time here has come to an end, but I'm extremely grateful and humbled to have found a place that makes saying goodbye so difficult.

I’m grateful to Ryan Seacrest for setting the standard that working hard and giving back should go hand in hand.

I’m grateful to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation for creating a place as magical as Seacrest Studios.

Lastly, I’m tremendously grateful for Wendy (the Atlanta studio manager), who has become a second mom to me, and my fellow interns who have become some of my best friends. If given the opportunity to intern for Seacrest Studios, don’t just do it - do it proudly. It’s truly a once in a lifetime opportunity!"