Gary Seacrest

Gary Seacrest is the President & CEO for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. When Ryan decided he wanted to start his own foundation back in 2009, he asked his father Gary if he could help him create a non-profit organization. With the guidance of what has become a longtime partner, The Coca-Cola Company, Gary successfully established the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Starting the foundation from the ground up, he has held a significant role in developing the concept, design and build out of Seacrest Studios in children’s hospitals across the country. Prior to working with the foundation, Gary served as a leading attorney in the state of Georgia, practicing for over 30 years and running his own law firm. Gary’s current role oversees all legal matters for the foundation, where he uses his expertise to negotiate agreements with hospitals, vendors, corporations and more. Personally, Gary enjoys traveling to visit the various Seacrest Studios across the country and loves working with his family to help others.